Sensual Bachata Bootcamp

On October 28 Salsiando in collaboration with Swing Latino is providing a Sensual Bachata bootcamp by Valentina Savoia and Jorge Bachata Suarez. For more info check the agenda.

Open days November 2, 3 and 4.

The Salsiando Foundation will start soon the salsa lessons. Open days to get to know the school will be on November 2, 3 and 4. Time: 20-22h.

After the introduction a DJ will be playing music so that you can continue dancing.


Every Friday starting from November 3 there will be a dancing night. Each night a different will be playing.

Lessons start on November 6

The Salsiando Foundation will start the salsa lessons again on November 6. Courses will be on blocks of 5 lessons.

Take a look at the schedule in the lesrooster section.


50 euros for 5 lessons.
12.50 euros for loose lessons.

Thursday is free (gratis) salsa evening for students (with valid id). That includes the partner dance lesson, the salsa solo/dance work out lesson and the free dance after the lessons.

Alternatively students can subscribe for 30 euros/month. This monthly subscription allows you to take as many lessons as possible in your level.

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